Austin Suzuki Music School

We believe in the potential of every child.

Austin Suzuki Music School is a community music school founded to provide quality music instruction to all students. Our teaching follows the philosophy, principles, and pedagogy of Japanese violin teacher, Shin’ichi Suzuki. We believe that the purpose of Suzuki music lessons extend beyond teaching a child musical skills, but to use music as a medium to foster development of the whole child. The ASMS faculty is committed to lifelong learning, regularly engaging in continuing education to provide the best instructional practices to students.

The Suzuki Learning Model

The Vision
Mother Tongue Method
Learning Through Mastery
Creating a Cycle of Success




Teachers Dedicated to Quality Instruction.

All teachers have professional degrees in Music Performance or Music Education
as well as extensive professional training in the Suzuki Method.

Our Faculty

Daniel Gee, Director

Daniel Gee

Director, Violin, Viola, & ECE Instructor

Connor Bell violin and viola instructor

Connor Bell

Violin, Viola, & ECE Instructor

Jonathan Carbin

Cello Instructor

Rachel Ringeisen, Violin and Viola Instructor

Rachel Ringeisen

Violin and Viola Instructor

Grace Youn

Violin Instructor

Every child has a voice.It is our job to help them find it.

Music is our vehicle for self-discovery, expression, focus, problem solving, and challenging the mind and spirit. 

Parents Share Their Experience.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Austin Suzuki Music School. Danny's care for my child as a whole person combined with his insight into her physical and emotional experience makes his teaching extremely effective. We walk away from each lesson with just the right balance of challenge and fun, with plenty to work on for the week.

Suzuki Institute Fun

My daughter has grown in her self-awareness, artistic expression, technical abilities, character, and confidence. Overall it is an excellent experience that has enriched our whole family, from individual to group lessons, workshops and masterclasses with visiting teachers, Institutes, tour group, and the many opportunities for performance. You won't find a better studio in Austin. 

~Sarah C.

Twinkle Graduation




Lifelong Friendships

Daniel Gee has been my children's teacher, guide and mentor for the past 8 years from the time they were 5 years old. Few teachers have as natural a gift with children as Danny has. I often tell people he knows my children, how they learn and what they need, better than I do. Even though my children are twins and their progression of pieces run parallel, their individual lessons could not be more different, and that is because of Danny. He knows how to bring out the best in his students and because of his unwavering attention to detail has earned the reputation of being one of the best violin instructors in Texas.

We have had master classes with clinicians from across the country, prolonged study in the summers in Canada and auditions with various orchestra directors in town and every time, after a knowing nod when Danny's name is mentioned, he is always complimented very highly.

Whether a student is the tiniest little child or the stubbornest of teenagers, Danny has a casual, yet effective way to connect very deeply with them. His leadership and vision has propelled his studio to one of the strongest, most innovative studios with vibrant group classes, meaningful performance opportunities and master classes and workshops with renowned clinicians. The guidance and experiences given to the students will remain with them forever.

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