Violin Lessons


There is something thrilling about the violin. The highest pitched stringed instrument, its exuberant and nimbleness makes its appearance in music genres around the world. Since the violin can pierce through the texture of an orchestra, it often plays a virtuosic role will music that question the limits of what is possible.

Violin Faculty

Connor Bell

Daniel Gee

Rachel Ringeisen

Grace Youn


Suzuki Instrumental Lessons

Students take an individual lesson once a week at their private teacher's studio. The private lesson is when parent, student, and teacher are able to focus on the learning.  Lesson lengths vary based on the what is developmentally appropriate for each child.  The basic guidelines are

  • 30-minute lessons are recommended for beginners through Book 1.
  • 45-minute lessons are recommended for students in Book 2 and 3.
  • 60-minute lessons are recommended for students in Book 4 and up.
  • 75 minute lessons are recommended for Advanced students and students who double in Violin and Viola.

Group Lessons
Students Learn From One Another

ASMS students regularly attend group classes based on developmental readiness and ability. Group lessons reinforce the concepts first introduced in private lessons and add the element of playing as a part of a group. In our collective experience, students in music groups show a greater sense of motivation and progress at a more accelerated rate. Students will perform with their group class at group recitals, play-ins, and at outreach events in the community.

Recitals and Performances
Music as a Gift

Performing is an invaluable experience for our students. Our students to perform regularly and offer studio recitals, workshops, and other performance experiences throughout the year. Many of our students also perform at the GASA Graduation Recital in the Wintertime. We also encourage our students for service events to share their gift with the community. Our students gain confidence, poise, and stage presence from these experiences.

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