Charles Krigbaum Workshop

Austin Suzuki Music School


Enjoying Violin Technique:
Technical Exercises for Young Violinists


A Teacher Development Workshop


Charles Krigbaum, SAA Teacher Trainer

April 14-15, 2018
Blackerby Violin Shop

The future success of a student depends greatly upon the teacher’s ability to effectively teach the fundamental principles of violin technique in the early stages.  Participants in this session will learn new and creative ways to teach technique, musicianship, and sound quality to young children.


The course will introduce participants to the publications of Kerstin Wartberg, with an emphasis on the Step-by-Step series (Alfred Publications) and My First Technique Book (unpublished test material).  Valuable for both Suzuki teachers and traditional violin teachers, these works include technical studies, preparatory exercises, and supplemental repertoire. 


Participants will be given the opportunity to explore developmentally appropriate technical exercises (preparatory exercises for the violinist, scales, left hand exercises, systematic whole bow training, exercises to develop bow hand flexibility, position etudes, shifting, vibrato, chromatic exercises, introduction to double-stops, intonation exercises, soundpoints, and basic trill exercises) and supplemental repertoire presented in a step-by-step manner, while also learning practical ways to incorporate these studies into lessons.  As valuable as this material will be in private lessons, these musical exercises will also add a new dimension to group lessons.


Kerstin Wartberg was the first German to travel to Japan and study with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.   They maintained a close connection for decades.   Her many publications seek to supplement and highlight the most important teaching points of the Suzuki Violin School, while also presenting new material for present day students, parents, and teachers.  Her works include detailed instructions and numerous practice suggestions drawn from her decades of teaching experience as the Director of the German Suzuki Institute.  Charles Krigbaum was the first American Suzuki teacher to study Kerstin Wartberg’s unique contributions to violin pedagogy, and the two have worked closely together since 2005.  Charles has travelled to Germany on six different occasions to collaborate with Kerstin, and together they co-authored The Journey Through Pre-Twinkle, a free downloadable multi-media e-Book for students, parents, and teachers. 


Many of Kerstin Wartberg’s technical exercises include a lively, imaginative, and inspiring piano accompaniment composed by David Andruss.  These accompaniments are highly motivating for students and are designed to make home practice easier, more organized, and more musical.  Correctly applied and in the proper amount, playing with recordings can be a wonderful enrichment for the practice routine.  Experience has shown that both the enjoyment and the quantity of practice will increase if provided the opportunity to do so with an excellent piano accompaniment.  Increased practice time, especially when well-directed and enjoyable, results in more effective learning.

Schedule of Events

All events will occur at Blackerby Violin Shop,

1111 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757


Friday April 13, 2018      

            4:30 – 8:00             Masterclass and Group Instruction

Saturday April 14, 2018

            12:00 – 1:00            Demonstration Lesson

            1:00 – 6:00              Teacher Development

Sunday April 15, 2018

            1:00 – 6:00              Teacher Development

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